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Growing Marijuana Using Hydroponic Method

growing marijuana indoors using hydroponic system

If you’re into marijuana and is thinking to grow your own leaf. You might want to check a new way of growing marijuana by using hydroponic method. First of all, you should do a little research on how it works. You should also know the exact mixture of nutrients on a certain amount of water. In addition, you should also provide the right equipments, mediums, and things such as:

  • Marijuana Seeds
  • Net Pot or Cups
  • Hydroponic Nutrient Solution
  • Growing Media (like Coco Coir, Clay Pebbles or Perlite)
  • Water Pump
  • Mechanical Timer
  • Grow Lights

All of these things might cost you some of your hard-earned money. However, they’re really worth it in the long run since all you have to do is to check your plants nutrient solution and see if they’re doing well in your system. Should you acquire all of these, the next thing you would do is to start growing marijuana seeds in your pots. Then, start your hydroponic system by preparing the solution while you also fill your net pots or cups with your preferred growing media. Check your water pump, test, and set your mechanical timer as soon as you placed the solution in the system for an hour. This will allow you to check for any issues on your system. Once you’re done with these preparations, put your marijuana seedlings in the pots and set your grow lights in so that they will receive proper lighting. Growing marijuana hydroponically is easy. Make sure though to check your system daily to ensure that your beloved plants are doing well in your system.

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